Across El Salvador

B’riiiiing briiiiiing! B’riiiiiiing briiiiiiing!
One eye uncrusts. “Ahhhrrrg seriously”
B’riiiiing briiiiiing! B’riiiiiiing briiiiiiing!
James nabs the hotel phone. “Hola?”
Blah blah blah blah you’re gonna miss breakfast.

Glad we made it, breakfast was good. Eggy wegs, bacon, cheese quesadilla thing, fruit, frioles, OJ, and lots and lots of coffee. We checked the distometer on the lappy and it said the drive today was only gonna be 2 hours and 40 minutes. Having previous experience with these travel estimations being way off we made haste to hit the road.

Cruised out of Santa Ana and grabbed the highway. We want to get across El Salvador and crash in a place called San Miguel near the Honduras border. That way we can get up early-ish, enter Honduras, drive across the short southern sections, and enter Nicaragua on the same day. 2 border crossings in one day. Sounds ambitious. And horrible.

Surprisingly, the Salvadoran highway was magnificent. Smooth, fast and flat asphalt and lots of signage. And no Tumulos!! We were cranking it. I think this was the only day this trip we actually didn’t get lost at some point. We drove past a few volcanoes. So many round these parts. We passed one and there were jagged black rocks for a half mile radius around it’s base. Looked like the surface of Mercury.

The Highway was so good we actually made awesome time and soared into San Miguel in under 2.5 hours. So we had lots of time to kill which meant it was the perfect place to get El Burro’s brake fluid changed. We jumped into some swanky place called Hotel Florencia and then found a professional looking brake spot and pulled on up. They’d get to it right away. Sweet!


We sat in the waiting room and watched some wacky cartoon in Spanish called Pecezuelos while pounding crappy watered down mechanic coffee. Couldn’t really figure out what the creatures were in the cartoon, some kind of fish I guess, but check out how awesome this show is.

Back at the hotel we had a nice meal at the restaurant and split a bottle of wine. Date Night! Pretty tame evening all things considered, just blogged up, went on a Beastie Boys bender with the rest of the Santa Ana gin, and hit the hay at respectable o’clock in anticipation of a shitty, double border day. .

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