First Impressions of the ‘Car’

Yesterday was my first day driving the small grey, non-descript thing James bought in Nova Scotia.
Here are some quick observations:
– It already has a slight man musk to it.
– The back seats have been removed (which is great for storage space, but will make no sense at all if/when we pick up Jamie Drisdelle in Bogata)
– The cd player doesn’t work
– The turning radius is somehow worse than my Honda Pilot
– The sun heats up the springs on the back hatch sealing it shut (James sprayed it with WD40 which may have helped, but it ran down the back hatch and onto the bumper. This then collected dust and now our car looks like it sharted itself).
– When you go into 5th gear you accidentally graze the dudes leg in the passenger seat and he begins flirting with you
– James gets really defensive when you bash the ‘car’
– No air conditioning
– No power windows
– No power doors
– No hubcaps
– No balls

Here is a list of potential names we’ve been tossing around for the car:
– El Burro Peligrosa
The Shit Mobile
– Peter Adams
– 2nd Lt Nelson
– Tope buster
– The Mini Suck
Razor Ramon
– more to follow, the first two are the front runners so far

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