McBurger in the night!

Shhhhhhhhh… Jonathan here. It’s 5:30 in the morning and McBurger is sound asleep. I made the fatal error of losing my ear plugs a few mexitowns ago. Now I’m sharing a bed with McBurger in Comitan and we’re aiming to hit the Guatemalan border bright and early. Only problem is i haven’t gotten a lick of sleep, despite being dreadfully tired from last night’s shenanigans (we’ll get to those later), on account of McBurger’s rather horrendous, dengue fever snore.

Having lived as a Tyler Durden-esque insomniac for years I learned that the best use of your otherwise wasted, sleepless hours is to spend that time productively. This morning i was thinking, how can i bring another dimension to the doc of this adventure? So I went ahead and created a McBurger and Diesel SoundCloud page hoping to capture the exciting sounds of this trip.

Now on this first smash hit you can hear the girth in the gutteral snarl of the McBurger snore. Nasal yet still full of throat meat, McBurger settles into a nice rhythm. You can sense the completeness of his relaxation. Around the 50 second mark you can also hear me punch him in the arm as hard as i fucking can. No reaction whatsoever. Amazing. If only i could also be lost in dreamland.

At least one of us will be on their A-Game tomo… today as we leave wonderfully awesome Mexico (not being facetious, we’ve come to love this lawless, tope infested paradise) and dip into the first of 3 very dangerous places to travel: Guatemala, followed by El Salvador and Honduras.