We Leave Tomorrow!!

Alrighty, here’s the game plan.

We’re pretty much set to go and figured that we should leave before the weekend to avoid border traffic when entering Mexico. I gave my friends Penny and Mike Hunt a shout to see if they’d mind putting us up for Wednesday evening. That way we could shave a couple hours of driving off, get a nice early start into Mexico Thursday morning, and, most importantly, hang out with the Encinitas crew and hopefully be treated to some of the Hunt’s tasty mixological inventions. 

I should mention that on my trip to Baja California last Thanksgiving, the Hunts graciously dropped me, Jamie, and Isaac off at the border. We walked across, rented a car, and blitzed the Baja. It was a great mini-adventure, except for the car accident in Tijuana on the way back (but that’s another story). When we returned, the Hunts were there to pick us up again. Amazing people really. And funny. For their generous and consistent contributions to the Awesome Dept I sent them a 6 month subscription to Stunner of the Month.

So we’ll crash there Wed and hit the road to the border bright and early(-ish). After crossing the border our sights are set on San Ignacio. My previous Baja experience lead me to believe that all the best parts are in the South, so we’re bee-lining it straight there. (And I’ve got a nice little surprise for MacKay when we get there)

We’ll have about 5 days to check out South Baja. The route will be basically this:Bajamappy


This will probably include stops in:
San Ignacio
Conception Bay
Ciudad Constitución
La Paz
San Jose del Cabo
Cabo San Lucas

Next Tuesday we’ll be boarding the ferry in La Paz and staying the night in a cabin while it put-puts across the Gulf of California to Mazatlan in mainland Mexico. Travel while you sleep! 

Speaking of sleep, James and I haven’t been getting any because we’re so pumped to get this thing trucking. I’ll be downing a bottle of melatonin tonight though cuz tomorrow IT’s ON!!