Vaccines and other Drugs

Seeing as how we’ll be in rain forests, cloud forests and most likely the amazon on this trip, Jamie Drisdelle and I went to the travel clinic in preparation for any super pretty naughties we may run into. We figured we needed inoculation from the following:

Hep A & B
TDP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Polio)
Yellow Fever

We went to the Loma Linda Travel Clinic and got a consultation from 2 absolutely useless young doctors to be. They basically asked where we were going and rifled through a book to determine what vaccines we would need. We’d already looked it up online, which was faster than the consultation itself, so that was 36 bucks wasted. They kept asking if we needed anything else. I thought the point was for them to.. tell us.

I already had the first 5 from the Mongol Rally, so I just need protection from Yellow Fever (shot), Typhoid (live virus pills!), and Malaria (pills everyday for..ever). Jamie joked that I already had Yellow Fever..

Getting a booster!


The next day I felt like junk. Waves of fever and dizzy, light headed, brain fog, stumblies. 4 hours after I knocked back the first typhoid pill I was splashing lasers through the eye of a needle.

I decide to hit up good ol’ Dr Osmani for the rest of the travel cocktail. Here are the results:

2014-09-05 18.09.02

Clockwise from about 10:

Doxycycline – Anti-malaria pills that I need to start 1 week before the danger zone (Prob Costa Rica) and for 4 weeks after. One a day. As an added bonus they nuke most STDs.

Ciprofloxacin  – When your pants are full of foam and you’re sliding into home…

Fluocinonide – Soothing cream for mosquito bites and other itchy naggies

Indomethacin – Wards off the King’s Disease

Metroclopramide – For Nausea and vomiting

Jager and Tonic – When all else fails. Tonic actually contains Quinine which does sort of work as an anti-malarial, fever-reducing, pain-killing, anti-inflammatory wonder drug if taken in great quantities. With Jager.