The Pros and Cons of Road Tripping with a Cheapo Car


Perhaps the title of this post is misleading – the cons of driving a cheaply-made car like the Pontiac Wave over massive distances and through all sorts of terrain and road conditions are pretty obvious.  Believe it or not, there are some pros:

  • No ABS or traction control means two fewer things to malfunction, and like the airbag and the seatbelt, likely take more lives than they save.
  • The absence of power windows and locks provides a nice retro feel.
  • Air conditioning is a waste of precious gasoline, and rolled-down windows provide a free education in tropical entomology.
  • A non-functional CD player means no clutter of jewel cases in the car and immersion in local cultures via AM radio.

Perhaps most importantly, if (read: when) we trash the thing, I won’t feel that bad.

 – MacKay